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How to sell on Avatshop?

👍 Excellent question! To be able to sell in Avatshop you just have to:

1. Go to the top menu and hit the sell button.

2. Complete the information on the form or enter through your social networks.

3. Once inside, select the sell button and upload a profile photo with your ID.

4. Publish your product.

5. Start selling around the world. 😁

It's that easy. Cheer up! and start today. 👌

How do I create my Avatar?

😁 Great I like your question! If you want to create your Avatar just follow these steps:

1. Check if you have logged in correctly.

2. Enter your user panel and go to the "Edit Profile" section.

3. Once inside click on "Create Avatar".

4. Customize the Avatar to your liking and preference and save the changes.

Congratulations you have already created your Avatar successfully 🎉🎉

It's that simple. 👌

How can I verify my store?

😁 It's a great question! If you want to have the Blue Check and be a Verified Store follow the following instructions:

1. Enter your seller panel on the "Sell" button.

2. Once inside go to the "Settings" section.

3. Once inside, click on "Store Verification".

4. Attach a valid documentation of your Legally Established Store and the registration number.

5. Send the data and wait 48 hours for the response of your verification.

It's very easy 👌 and it brings great advantages, try it yourself 💪